Grocery Delivered Right to Your Door


If you live in the East Coast, you most likely have heard of Stop and Shop and Giant supermarket chains. I personally shop at Stop and Shop and ever since they introduced me to Peapod online shopping, I've managed to save tons of money, not to mention transportation.

A Stop and Shop card also gives you the advantage of getting good deals reserved for members. Using direct checking shaves an additional dollar off your grocery bill.

But one of the nice things you'll really appreciate is the ability to spend hours and hours trying to compare which products you want to buy, make up an online list, calculate, discard items, recalculate, save and be able to go back even a day after without losing your carted items and do the process all over until you're satisfied with your list and complete your shopping. All done in the relative ease of your computer screen and nobody needs to feel embarrassed if you suddenly realize you're short in funds and need to return some things.

Grocery shop today at Peapod and get $10 in FREE groceries