A Still Moment

I've been asking Robert to download me some baby music but I guess he's mroe concerned about his club gigs.

Thankfully, some friends have been sending me baby music. Recently, I discovered a piece by John Hinson - "A Still Moment" and though I think this can qualify for easy listening not just for babies, it is very soothing and would be perfect for when it's nappy time.

John Hinson is a trained classical pianist, father of three and husband for twelve years. He has published 3 CDs so far and al lthe pieces I've listened to -- "Circles", "Hand in Hand", "Coming Home", "Unspoken Joy", "Good Morning", "Two Roads", "Believe" and "A Still Moment" -- have all been wonderful and I think would be a favorite nursery music. I can imagine myself listening to them while breastfeeding ... my special alone time with baby Tyler.

John is also set to promote his newest album in Massachusetts and Rhode Island's classical radio. Most specially, he's coming to Cape Cod to promote his latest all original solo piano pieces. Must be the air and the seafood ...

Anyway, if you are looking for calming music to play during that special time with your baby, or just to relax and unwind after a long day, then I suggest buying one of John Hinson's CDs. Not just because this is a "Sponsored Post" but because I actually listened to them [you can too, at his web site] and I am sold. It has that smooth, non-intrusive melody that lets you be in a mellow mood without trying to vie for your attention.

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domesticgoddess said...

I love to listen to soundscapes on digital cable (Gotta love the music stations nowadays!). I especially love them when I'm going to bed, I have really strange and unusual dreams when I sleep listening to them, I'm still trying to figure out why! Thank you for the blog comments! :)