The Original Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

The amount of cloth can be disconcerting but once you've mastered the "art" of wrapping, this contraption can be a snug and comforting space for your baby, giving them the security of being as close to you as possible while freeing your arms to do other things.

This product can be used with babies ranging from preemies to 35 pounds. I bought this product in blue and (you have to pay attention on how to properly wrap this material to get the best result) used it to take my baby for an afternoon walk in the Spring. Cotton baby carriers like the Moby Wrap is ideal for when the weather is colder and can be a drag to use during the summer months.

The carrier can also be cumbersome if you are looking to get it on and off you in a jiffy. But overall, for quick walks around the neighborhood or while you're doing household chores, this is great. I even had my baby fall asleep in it while we were walking.