Blogger's block

Actually, it's more like lack of interest and focus .. most likely resulting from rampaging hormones which causes me to feel idle and uninterested in what I otherwise would be doing 24/7 -- sit in front of my laptop that is.

Anyway, I've been in sweats and hoodies for so many weeks I felt like it's time to look like a woman again. I woke up today resolute to at least make myself pretty enough for the hubby when he wakes up. So I showered and started pulling regular clothes from the closet.

Unfortunately, every pair of pants I tried, every blouse I put on, even my lacy underwears don't fit! Nothing fits. Pregnant women are supposed to start showing at 16 weeks. I'm 12 weeks and I've grown into a blimp. Waaaah. 6 more months to go ... ah joy.