Free Stuff for the Baby and Mum!

The medical bills of a pregnant woman is expensive enough, not to count the many extras that you just have to have for the little tyke.

Luckily, provides Free Stuff moms will love. There's no required "refer 5 friends and you'll get a pen" kind of deal .. or "view our ads and sign up before we tell you the good stuff" either. It's free, it's clean, and is a good resource for finding coupons from different merchants.

Yes, the coupons and freebies don't come from them. You didn't think they'd be a charity organization, right?! But the web site is still a very clean, organized and easy to use reference for all things free, coupons and deals from different merchants.

Unlike other coupon sites where you need to sign up, keep track of your purchases and then you get a discount or get to refund coupons, this site just give you links to other merchants and it's your choice whether you'd like the merchant enough to sign up and get their coupons or not.

So let's see, what do I browse ... the baby section has a free bag tag from nurserywater, huggieshappybaby and free aquaphor ointment [savior for the delicate skin!] from walmart. Not a bad deal.

For the mommies, you can score deals on beauty and makeup, magazines, personal care items, arts and crafts, the list goes on and on. Just check them out the Free Stuff at

I'm going back to browsing through the list.

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