The Cutest Baby Photo Contest

Rob and I always get a kick out of checking out baby pictures and wondering how our first born will look like. You see, Robert is eurpean and I'm asian so the baby will surely have some very interesting features.

Babies are cute, they're fun to watch, specially when they babble incoherently, and they just say the darnest things and make the most laughable faces imaginable, all clueless and innocent.

No wonder then a lot of baby and parenthood magazines have a baby contest of some sort. One of the most popular and well-respected Baby Photo Contest and parenting network on the internet today is

Joining the site is free and entering the online photo contest is easy, you just need to join, upload your baby's photos ad enter the photo contest. There are monthly and yearly contests for which, this year's grand prize is a $25,000 college fund giveaway.

Judges for the baby photo contest comes from the entertainment industry -- talent scouts and casting agents and points are awarded based on a baby's appearance, charisma, expression, image concept/setting and that certain "it" factor that often comes with "star" caliber babies.

If you have aspirations to being a stage mom or your kid adores the camera then this is for you. also has an accompanying site, MyCuteKid, where you can showcase your own kids' photos and milestones and share them with families and friends. This is a nice way of setting up a web site to capture memories of your kids while growing up.

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Leprosy said...

ah...It's very beautiful...:DBut I like small babies, those big ones are not cool...they become bad little creatures which destroy apartmentXD