Tooth ... String ... Doorknob

Ouch. This blog post actually shows a video clip of a child, with her parents blessings, bravely deciding to become an amateur dentist by having her tooth tied to the doorknob and having it pulled.

When the kid realized that she actually had to have the door slammed by somebody else she didn't looked too confident .. but still cute! Oh boy, that is one brave girl. The daddy was ingenius too, making sure the process doesn't hurt that bad.

One rule of thumb though if you're planning to use this method, make sure the tooth is LOOSE. Like, it's going to fall off any minute or else, it's going to hurt like nothing ever hurted before!

Life really is going to change when you have kids around. They think of the craziest things. But it's also good to let them decide and be adventurous, as in this case, as long as mom and/or dad are around and that it is safe and harmless.

Not that I would actually hope my son will have this ingenius idea, saving us a trip to the dentist, but I'm sure he'll have some out of this world idea at some point.

Sigh. Motherhood. Life as you know it ends when that happens.

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