Counting Calories

So okay, I have a VERY good excuse for not dieting ... for now. But I only have just over two months and glory [indulgence] days will be over.

So what to do after giving birth and you still have fat that just won't convert to milk? Why, diet of course. While I do not adhere to diet plans, I do know that the important thing is counting your calories, good and bad and eating the good calories better than the bad calories.

And walking. I've lost 30 pounds just by walking. And I mean, walking everywhere, I walked three flights of stairs end to end, I walked from 34th to 51st on 5th Ave. [NYC], I walked to the beach, I walked to the store, I walked.

But not everyone has the time or the space to walk. The next best thing to keeping yourself trim together with moderate aerobic activity [aerobic activity can mean gardening, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning your closet, shopping .. pick one you enjoy and it won't be a chore] is calorie counting.

Yeah, sure, but how are you going to keep track of your calorie intake if all you have is an extensive and exhaustive calorie counter book with about a million entries? Turn to the internet of course. is offering a free calorie counter that is easy to use and fun to track.

MyFitnessPal calorie counter works with virtually any diet plan you are using and they have a 24/7 access to boards where you can find support from other dieters and health conscious afficionados. The best part? It's 100% free.